Board, Staff, and Career


SAFE’s board of directors work on a volunteer basis to help guide the organization toward responsible use of resources and makes sure we stay focused on our mission. To learn more about becoming a member of our Board of Directors, contact us at 503-397-7110.

Thank you to our Board Members:

Bob Gadotti, Chairperson
Melissa Castilleja,  Board Secretary
Damien Donnelly-Cole, Treasurer
Stephanie Pesio


Our staff is comprised of:

  • Executive Director: Ellyn Bell
  • Shelter Coordinator/Lead Direct Service Advocate: Julie McCartney
  • Prevention Educator: Michele Wilson
  • DHS Co-Located Advocate: Janelle Adams
  • Healthy Relationship Advocate/Administrative Assistant:

Career Opportunities:

None at this time. Please check back later or go to the “Volunteer” page to learn about more ways to get involved.