About Us

SAFE of Columbia County, a 501c-3 non profit, was founded in 1979 as the Columbia County Women’s Resource Center.

Advocacy philosophy: Domestic and sexual violence are rooted in systemic oppression. We believe everyone possesses the ability to foster healthy relationships. We value everyone’s right to self-determination regardless of their age, gender, race, color, nation origin, immigration status, religion, ability, familial or marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or source of income. We offer advocacy, education and support for our community members to live lives free from violence. We practice confidentiality, utilize trauma informed care, and strive to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

In 2015 SAFE served 590 individual survivors, housed 70 people in our shelter and provided over 14,000 life-saving services to our clients.

Policies and Procedures:

SAFE Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

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Direct Service Policies and Procedures

Mission Values Core Competencies and Advocacy Philosophy

Fees and Services

Direct Service Provider Requirements

Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Privacy Practices and Clients Right to Confidentiality

Release of Information

Retention and Destruction of Records

Services to Minors and People with Legally Appointed Guardians

Client Grievances and Feedback

Domestic and Sexual Violence Response and Accompaniment

The Starting Place Shelter